Assessment of technical risks for developing mining projects

SRK has extensive experience in assessing technical risks of mining projects. SRK has a long-standing record of working with various investors and owners of mining projects. SRK’s experience will help reduce investment losses, optimise project implementation schedule and produce a more accurate forecast of expected benefits.

SRK will conduct an express audit and develop a plan for reducing potential technical and financial risks.

Risk analysis is undertaken in the following areas:

  • Risk of a decreased amount of geological reserves stated earlier;
  • Risk of changing open pit limits;
  • Analysis of hydrogeological risks of an open pit or underground mine;
  • Risks of increased operating costs;
  • Analysis of validity of the designed technological parameters;
  • Validation of selection of ore processing circuits;
  • Appropriate equipment selection;
  • Design, construction and operation schedules;
  • Analysis of compliance with Russian norms and regulations;
  • Social risks;
  • Environmental risks;
  • Analysis of expected cash-flow.

SRK develops and maintains business relations with various equipment suppliers and has extensive experience of cooperating with various engineering contractors.

SRK Consulting performs project audits both for Client’s internal needs and for raising external financing. SRK provides consulting services for specific processing stages, circuits and areas. The unique company’s structure, a wide network of contacts and access to international experience assist in recruiting highly skilled specialists required to perform the Client’s tasks.

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