SRK’s Geotechnical Engineering group works in perse environments, from permafrost to equatorial latitudes. We have experience of varied geotechnical environments and undertake design of open pits in weathered near surface rocks to deep underground mines in high stress environments. Our group has broad experience in most mineral commodities, base and precious metals, coal, iron ore and bauxite, diamonds and industrial minerals.

With our breadth and depth of experience, we can provide expert geotechnical advice and guidance through every step of the mine development process with continued support into operations. We tailor each of our investigations, analysis and design programmes to suit the site conditions and needs of the project. We have the capability and flexibility to undertake project reviews, individual small scale studies, provide operational support and carry out detailed and complex feasibility studies for open pit and underground deposits.

Large Open Pit project supports need for reliable pit slope stability in mine design.
Slope stability and slope angle optimisation is usually critical in the design and operation of open pit mines having significant impacts on safety and on the economics of an open pit project.
underground mining and geotechnics
The successful development and operation of an underground mine requires the design and installation underground support systems appropriate to the rock conditions and the excavation geometries.
Monitoring the behaviour of excavations, dumps and dams and identifying changes in behaviour and performance is important to identify problems and opportunities and manage the risk to personnel, equipment and infrastructure.
UK mining geotechnical operational review and monitoring
A geotechnical study completed efficiently and cost-effectively is an integral component for any proposed mine design.
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