Groundwater is a critically important global resource which requires careful protection and management. Many infrastructure projects, industrial processes or others activities impact groundwater and a hydrogeological study in such circumstances is often a prerequisite.

SRK has a full service capability of hydrogeological services and a wealth of global experience. Our hydrogeologists work with related scientific and engineering specialists in SRK to provide a team matched to the requirements of the project.

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In conducting field works, SRK uses modern methods and equipment for assessing hydrogeological conditions and determining hydrogeological mining parameters.
 SRK takes a planned and integrated approach towards water management, incorporating the overall mine development strategy, operational requirements and environmental considerations
Engineering calculations for predicting potential inflows during various mining operations.
SRK uses advanced software (Leapfrog, Surpac) for developing conceptual hydrogeological models as well as specialist software (Feflow, Visual Modflow, Groundwater Vistas) for developing numerical hydrogeological models.
SRK's status as Qualified Persons and extensive knowledge of local reporting requirements adds value to independent technical reports.
SRK produces reports in the Russian and English languages in accordance with international and Russian approaches, norms and regulations for various Client’s purposes.
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