Metallurgy and Mineral Processing

Our experienced team of metallurgists and process specialists primarily focus on metallurgical studies, due diligence and project review, and have played key roles in early stage engineering studies and process operations optimisation. Our team’s experience includes most aspects of extractive metallurgy and mineral processing of base and precious metals; industrial and energy minerals; diamonds and rare earth elements, including test work, engineering and operations.

Our specialists have strong operations backgrounds, having advanced many greenfields projects from metallurgical sample identification, test work program development, data analysis, process flowsheet design, trade-offs and engineering studies through detailed engineering, construction, commissioning and operations support.

With continuing changes to regulatory and financial requirements relating to disclosure and development of mineral projects, our extensive project review and due diligence experience is vital to meet your project evaluation requirements. Our specialists are also up to date with modern sustainable technologies.

Our Services:

  • Selection of optimum processing methods based on the existing deposit data;
  • Validation of process parameters during deposit mining;
  • Development and supervision of metallurgical test-work programmes;
  • Audit of historic metallurgical studies;
  • Estimation of expected capital and operating costs to an optimum level of detail for projects at different study levels;
  • Optimisation of the existing operations;
  • Development of engineering solutions to reduce operating and capital costs;
  • Development of internal reporting systems, including for manages and company owners;
  • Evaluation of economic benefits gained from investments into mining projects;
  • Development of an ore processing technology from concept to project level and preparation of a full Feasibility Study for attracting investments;
  • Preparation of international Scoping Study, Pre-Feasibility Study and Feasibility Study reports, including:
    • designing of new operations;
    • determination of realistic production capacities for new projects;
    • development of process flow-sheets based on project tasks;
    • equipment selection;
    • estimation of operating costs;
    • estimation of capital costs, including equipment purchase and installation costs.
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