SRK professionals have strong operational and technical backgrounds and have gained substantial experience in mines across multiple commodities, methods, continents and countries. This ensures that our solutions and advice are not only practical and workable, but take account of appropriate geotechnical, hydrogeological, economic and environmental considerations.

SRK's engineers tackle mine planning, pit optimization, and technical reporting for open pit mines.
SRK's services cover scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and economic evaluations, detailed mine design and layouts, production scheduling and equipment selection, operating cost estimation and capital expenditure estimation.
SRK can provide the complete range of technical studies from conceptual to feasibility level
As a global group, we have specialist underground mining expertise to provide solutions for the unique features of each project.
We are focused on producing mine designs and schedules that make the most effective use of mine capital, in both short and longer term time frames.
SRK acts on grade control data to minimize differences between planned and actual mine production.
SRK performs reserve estimation based on the recognized international standards and rules. This approach is useful for project profitability analysis and for assessment of a project investment potential, and it is accepted by all investors.
SRK notes that the efficient equipment selection during all project stages is of vital importance. Equipment selected should ensure optimum mine performance and should be of high quality to ensure the high operational productivity levels.
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