Mining Geology & Resource Estimation

SRK has considerable experience in managing exploration programmes, interpreting the structural setting of ore deposits and in drilling, sampling and assaying techniques. This enables us to help our clients find, delineate and estimate the size and quality of their mineral deposits effectively. Our team of resource geologists has a wealth of experience in the majority of commodities and mineral occurrences.

Data quality and sampling density are the cornerstones of this work and we provide specific services in this area. In addition, we use state of the art software to produce 3D models of the geometry of the mineralisation, as well as statistical and geostatistical methods to determine and model the distribution of the commodity of interest within these. This enables us to then report Mineral Resource Estimates in line with international reporting codes, and also provides a good basis for mine planning and subsequent project evaluation exercises.

Our overall approach is to tailor our input to our clients’ particular needs, whilst maintaining an independent role for reporting of resources and reserves in the public domain.

UK mining geotechnical operational review and monitoring
We understand the importance of a managed QA/QC program for all projects, ensuring data quality which forms the basis for all resource estimates.
SRK brings a depth of knowledge to statistical and geological modelling to support resource estimation and technical reporting to international standards.
Our geologists have extensive experience in exploration, database management, resource estimation, grade control and conditional simulation.
mesh model of ore body created using leapfrog mine planning software
Understanding the geological controls on grade distribution throughout a mineral deposit is key to the development of a robust assessment of mining potential. A 2D or 3D computerised model of geology and grade is fundamental to modern Mineral Resource estimation.
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