Mining Related Environmental & Social Services

SRK performs a full range of works in environmental and social aspects associated with mining. SRK has knowledge and work experience with environmental and social requirements of Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries and at the same time has a wide work experience with international documents. It allows SRK to successfully use international approaches during implementation of mining projects at the territory of CIS countries. Individual services provided by SRK include:

  • Assessment of ecological and social risks as part of technical audits with different purposes (reserves evaluation, due diligence, pre-investment assessment and etc);
  • Ecological auditing (as individual work item);
  • Fulfillment of environmental and social impact assessment in accordance with international requirements (Equator Principles, requirements of group of the World Bank and International Financial Corporation, requirements of EBRD and others);
  • Planning and performance of baseline environmental and social studies according to international requirements;
  • Planning and execution of stakeholder engagement process during implementation of the projects;
  • Development of closure and reclamation plans according to international requirements in various stages of project development including cost assessment;
  • Preparation of documents for implementation of social and ecological management system in the enterprises.

The following works were executed for projects at the territory of Russia and CIS countries for the last several years:

  • Preliminary impact assessment for pre-project documentation in development of several uranium deposits in Russia and Kazakhstan;
  • Planning and assistance in implementation of baseline environmental and social studies for Detailed Environment Impact Assessment according to international requirements for uranium deposits in Russia;
  • Performance of baseline studies and preliminary impact assessment as a part of pre-feasibility study for copper deposits in Kazakhstan;
  • Preparation of ecological part in structure of Competent Person Report for deposits of Rusal company in Russia, Kazakhstan, Jamaica and Guinea;
  • Performance of impact assessment according to requirements of Russian legislation, requirements of  IFC and standards of Barric Gold company for Fedorova Tundra deposit in Russia;
  • Performance of impact assessment according to requirements of Equator Principles/ IFC standards for Voskhod deposit in Kazakhstan;
  • Preparation of environmental sections of reports in technical audit of hard mineral resources deposits (including coal, uranium, potash and other deposits).


It is important to evaluate the environmental and social conditions before a project is undertaken in order to possess the data needed to recognize and manage environmental and social changes during the life of the future mine.
SRK's environmental and social consultants are experts in integrated studies, monitoring, and reviews.
When planning a project, staying on course or closing a facility, companies need to satisfy regulatory requirements while also addressing community expectations. These challenges can be compounded by a need to prove to investors that risks are handled appropriately. We can assist you in achieving your goal.
SRK engages in proactive environmental planning for efficient regulatory compliance.
Successful environmental and social management planning can lead to improvements in a company’s community, environmental and financial performance.
SRK can provide an an independent opinion on performance by means of audits, reviews and monitoring programmes enabling risks, liabilities and opportunities to be identified and evaluated.
Provision of an independent opinion on performance by means of audits, reviews and monitoring programmes enabling risks, liabilities and opportunities to be identified and evaluated. The results of such studies can be used to inform company management and facilitate communication with regulators, stakeholders or investors.
SRK can complete a HRIA that meets national legislation in the host country and meets international good practice based
Engagement with stakeholders to understand their issues and jointly identify solutions is increasingly important for the successful development of projects. It demonstrates responsible citizenship, reduces project risks and assists project developers to obtain their “social license” to operate.
SRK employs a multi-disciplinary approach to mine closure, drawing on our experience of international mining, augmented by the review, planning and implementation of large scale closure plans
From initial project planning through to design, construction, operation and closure, SRK can assist clients in developing and implementing strategies for mine closure. SRK has developed an integrated approach to analyse, evaluate and compile closure plans from conceptual through to detail plans depending on project requirements.
UK Mine Waste Classification and Assessment
Acid Rock Drainage and Metal Leaching (ARDML) is probably one of the major environmental impacts a mining operation can have on the surrounding environment. The majority of contaminants from a mining operation arise through the mobilisation with water.
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