Multi Disciplinary Services

Objective opinions and solutions require an understanding of the underlying components, together with the experience and judgement to allocate relevant priority to these issues. SRK’s experienced personnel and practical approach give you achievable options, opinions and solutions together with an understanding of the associated risks.

If you are planning a new mine, or investment, or seeking to optimise performance of an existing mine, you have the opportunity to employ a team of specialists from a single company for fully integrated feasibility studies, due diligence assessments, business and operation review, economic evaluations and risk assessments. SRK specialises in coordinating and integrating the input from discipline specialists to provide a thorough understanding of technical business issues within an appropriate business context. We will work with you to provide sustainable solutions to your issues.

Our comprehensive reports help you make informed business decisions.

SRK can provide you with multi-disciplinary, conflict-free and objective recommendations on crucial judgement issues
Our due diligence services to the natural resources mining sector provides a suite of bespoke product lines focused on the requirements of companies (both private and public), individuals and the structured debt and equity capital markets.
SRK offers practical expertise in a wide range of technical services from mining geology and resource estimation, to tailings and heap leach engineering
SRK can provide a complete range of disciplines required to produce a feasibility study for a mining project.
SRK is able to integrate visual media within your presentation method to provide a comprehensive and consistent message to your audience.
Visualisation and graphic enhanced presentations provide a time efficient and cost effective way of sharing your vision with a much larger audience outside of traditional technical recipients, empowering your target audience to engage with you on an informed and consultative basis.
mesh model of ore body created using leapfrog mine planning software
In Russia, our ability to use modern technology enable us to identify alternative designs and thereby optimize solutions whilst complying with Russian regulations and standards. For example, by modelling the ore body using computer software, we can develop more robust, 3D model and determine the impact of alternative mining methods and sequences on the cut-off grade, production rate and resource utilization.
SRK has the multi–disciplinary capability to carry our business and technical evaluations and to assist with the implementation of the findings.
Mining operations must continually seek to improve the unit cost of operations to remain competitive in world markets. This challenge, often coupled with the need to replenish mineable reserves, requires regular evaluation of new technology and mining methods. SRK has the multi–disciplinary capability to carry our business and technical evaluations...
SRK provides mining independent reviews to help with acquisitions, equity financing, due diligence, NI 43-101s, and IPOs.
SRK's technical knowledge used for equity and debt financing as well as mergers and acquisitions.
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